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"...called and inspired by the mission and humanity of Jesus, who calls us to 'make disciples of all nations.'"(Mt 28:19) MJ Constitution

Who is Jesus

Who do you say that I am?

We want to discover the different faces of Jesus today. We want to encounter him where he is to be found: a broken, suffering, disfigured and compassionate Jesus - discarded and crucified among the crucified people of today. The face of Jesus is revealed to us in the brokenness of people we serve.

Who are we?

Lord, who do you say that we are?

"Missionaries of Jesus" and "Friends and Disciples" - our names indicate the essential relationships we foster in our spirituality: friendship with Jesus that flows into our group, with our partners in mission, and with people we serve.

Chosen or Sent?

Where do you live?

Ours is a spirituality inspired by the triple kenosis of Jesus, leading us to sharing the life of the people, journeying with the marginalized and taking risks. As friends and disciples, we want to live in community and friendship with people. We opt for the frontiers, the margins, the peripheries - and for the people who live there.

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Missionary Journey

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Twelve years in Cameroun, Africa; ten years in Papua New Guinea… hopefully, another ten years in Guatemala, Central America. I was expressing this dream when I was leaving Papua New Guinea (PNG). Although deep in my heart I was experiencing the pain of leaving PNG where I was already at home. Despite all, I was […]

God Will Find a Way

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On May 31, on the Feast of the Visitation, Fr. Efren Reyes, M.J., came to celebrate the Holy Mass in our Christian Community in Lumintao, Calintaan, Occ. Mindoro. Many people, mostly farmers, attended the thanksgiving celebration. I, together with my mother and sister Janah, joined our community in praising and thanking God, our ever-merciful Father […]

Forgiving is Twice a Blessing

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Some weeks ago, I received a text message from my husband informing me that our sons, Rodel and Jomar, had visited him and that they even gave him some money for his daily needs. It was truly a happy surprise for me. The Holy Child has answered my prayer. Mercy has slowly and finally overcome […]